Procurement Services

We provide an integrated set of procurement services from purchasing production line machinery to raw materials, while constantly striving to lower the total procurement costs by meeting the highest standards of quality assurance and ensuring a timely delivery. Condor experts take care of planning and management as well as procurement, transportation, customs handling, warehousing, and complete order management for specific individual cases. All our case study models and contracts are customized to meet customers’ requirements covering the entire flow from order until delivery using compliant and legal procedure.

Benefits of using Condor:

  • Significant cost saving by providing completive market rates
  • Optimized resources from 6 branches worldwide
  • Sourcing of goods from original manufacturer
  • Negotiated vendor prices and guaranteed lead times
  • Legal and transparent service
  • Long term agreements with fixed prices available
  • Case by case commission fee

Network of 6000 technical suppliers worldwide, in the MRO business ( Maintenance Repair Operations) .We can manage your sourcing complexity, improve pricing and optimize the number of your suppliers.

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