How We Deliver Aid Supplies to Ukraine

Whether it’s hospital equipment, clothing, or food, due to the war, Ukraine is in need of everything! And while all of Europe is eager to help and provide the essentials, organizing aid transport is far from easy.

In France, where there was an unprecedented flood of help, civilians, corporations, government institutions, associations, volunteer groups and shipping companies everywhere in the country all banded together to make these vital deliveries possible.

For our staff, it meant organizing more than 50 shipments from all over France and overcoming extraordinary challenges beyond the obvious difficulties of delivering safely to a war zone. One has to keep in mind that these shipments do not take place within the usual professional framework. Unlike an industrial load of declared goods being handled by trained personnel, this situation saw volunteers packing a motley assortment of donated goods together: firefighters heaving hospital beds onto a loading dock where civilian helpers were placing boxes of clothing right next to them. Nevertheless, once at the border, customs controls require that the packing lists and papers match the shipment just as they would with commercial transports.

Our employees had to be especially meticulous in there planning in this situation and, above all, closely monitor the processes throughout – even in the evenings or on weekends.

  1. The Task
    To organize the transport of relief supplies—from hospital beds to food—from all over France to Ukraine.
  2. The Challenge
    A broad assortment of donated goods being handled by non-expert volunteers. Papers and cargo must correspond exactly.
  3. Our Solution
    Flexible planning, intensive communication, special efforts by the staff on site, day or night or even on weekends.

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