Condor makes complex transport manageable.

The Condor transport company has been successfully providing quality transport since 1976 to Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and the CIS. Thanks to decades of experience and our constant drive for development, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in the transport and communication sector. Our one unchanging goal is to guarantee the secure movement of goods – by land, sea or air. The world in which we live is becoming increasingly complex. Globalisation opens up enormous opportunities, but also presents us with new challenges. As a modern transport provider with a vision, we are aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, society and the environment, as well as future Generations. Condor stands for:

  • Maximum possible safety throughout the supply chain
  • Long-term experience and maximum reliability
  • World-class support and service – even after rendered service
  • Particularly high status through AEO authorization
  • Resource conservation and sustainability in all deliveries

Safety and reliability are the guiding principles of our company. This is how we guarantee that your delivery is in the right hands. Condor’s commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in our certifications (according to the international standard ISO 14001). In addition, each of our employees has a deep personal commitment to the issues of conservation, natural resources and sustainability and aligns his/her actions accordingly. Reliable transport services via a strong network In order to consistently guarantee the highest possible quality, we base our services on proven partnerships. We are convinced that only equitable and professional cooperation between Condor, our partners, our employees and, of course, our customers brings the greatest success.









Since its founding in 1976, Condor has become one of the most successful companies in Europe.

Decades in the fast lane.

  • Established in 1976
  • Consistent and sustained expansion
  • Offices in Vienna, Moscow, Nantes, and Kazan


CONDOR FOUNDED: First transports
to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan


Expansion to Persia / Iran.


Transport to Turkey.


During the division of Europe, intensive co-operation with the Warsaw Pact countries and Eastern Europe.


New business markets following the collapse of the Soviet Union.


First shipments to Russia and Central Asia.


Opening of the Vienna office.


Opening of the Moscow office. Customs clearance in Russia; domestic Russian shipments.


Start of the DDP service.


Opening of the office in Nantes, France.


Opening of the office in Kazan, Russia.


Product certification for the Russian market and later for the Eurasian Economic Union.


Became the leading Western specialist for transportation and customs clearance in Russia.


Safety and sustainability initiative with a variety of certificates and awards.


Transports for the Olympics in Sochi.


Opening of the office in Teheran, Iran.


More safety for your transaction

Through our proven quality assurance system, we offer extremely high-quality transactions. Quality standards are deeply rooted in our corporate culture and they comprise important components throughout our range of services, which allows us to detect possible errors early and avoid them altogether in future. Certified safety for your goods:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Accreditation by SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System)
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

In addition to the ISO 9001 certification, Condor has undergone assessment by SQAS. The Safety and Quality Assessment System is a tool to assess the quality, safety and environmental management systems of logistics service providers. SQAS goes beyond the requirements of ISO 9000 and covers all valid regulations and management principles for transportation and logistics services. Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Condor enjoys the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The granting of this status is linked to extensive requirements in terms of reliability, financials, the history of compliance with relevant legislation, as well as the fulfilment of certain safety standards. The customs administration is responsible for issuing the AEO certificate. With the status of AEO F (customs simplifications/security), we offer our business partners the highest security standards and ensure proper treatment of goods for clearance through customs. Safe passage All of Condor’s ground shipments are covered by CMR insurance, a first class insurance provider. In addition, we also take out SVS / RVS insurance for our customers’ orders. Invoices are issued according to insurance premium tables. If you do not wish to take SVS / RVS insurance, you simply decline coverage. Tailor-made insurance coverage for your cargo Transportation insurance can also be found throughout our range of services. We particularly recommend coverage to maximize the safety of your goods. When the value of your goods is set properly, transportation insurance will compensate according to the agreed-upon terms any damage caused and in an emergency minimizes potential conflict between the customer and carrier. Condor can assist with your transportation insurance queries at any time upon your request. Legal certainty Condor is registered in Western Europe. In the event of any claims or disputes, you are legally secure and do not have to hope for treaties to provide judicial assistance.

The SQAS program monitors the following areas:

  • Management
  • Safety, health and environmental regulations
  • Security
  • Supply chain management
  • Equipment
  • Preventative safety measures
  • Security in Transport
  • Operating instructions
  • Order processing and dispatching
  • Special transport services
  • Production facilities / inspections

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