Managing complex transport.

With our customized services and years of experience in the transport and communication sector, we at Condor are breaking new ground and tapping into promising new markets. For us, the challenge of developing tailor-made transport solutions for our business partners and clients is not just some daily task. This notion is the motto that we work by, the basis for all our longstanding relationships, and our formula for success.

Full truckloads FTL

Highly reliable, premium transport service to and from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, and Central Asia is what built our reputation as specialists of the East. Of course, we also operate in almost all Western European destinations as well.

Partial truckloads LTL

Imagine: You get an order from Azerbaijan for 2000 garden hoses. Do you want to rent an entire truck for that? Or would you rather just pay for as much loading space as you need… Condor accepts partial freight loads of virtually all proportions.


We offer groupage services with regular departures for our main destinations: Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia / CIS countries, the Balkans.

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Heavy /Special transport

Bridge pillar to Iran? No problem. Whether oversize or ultra heavy – we have the right solution for your special requirements.

Certifications for the Russian market

A variety of goods imported to the Russian market are subject to certification. Condor offers assistance for certifying your goods quickly and reliably, whether for GOST-R Conformity, Hygiene, Fire Safety, TR, Phyto-Sanitary, etc.

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DDP service to Russia

Transport | Customs clearance | Certification
With our DDP service you have the option of having your goods delivered DDP (duty paid and certified) to your Russian clients or to your branch office in Russia. As part of the DDP service, warranty and replacement parts can also be easily shipped, duty paid, to Russia.

Refrigerated /Insulated Trucks

Original Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea? Best if it arrives fresh. Our large fleet of thermal insulated trucks is at your disposal.

Document issuance and customs clearance

Condor assists in issuing the transport documents your cargo requires and takes care of customs clearance using the latest electronic customs Systems.

Hazardous goods

Transport safety plays a major role in our corporate philosophy. New, strict guidelines have been introduced, especially for the transport of hazardous goods and materials. Thanks to our collaboration with EU safety officers, your hazardous goods transports are in the best of Hands.


Reliability knows no boundaries.

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, Condor was one of the leading shipping companies to endeavor toward destinations in these regions. Through a smart strategy of innovation and ambition, we were able to access untapped markets and create new economic opportunities there over the years. Condor is committed to exploring the greatest potential for growth in such countries, and helping to provide these newly-emerging markets with future-oriented solutions. Central and Eastern Europe | Middle East | Balkans | Western Europe | CIS | North Africa

Russia and CIS

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States went through some turbulent times: Development, an economic gold-rush, financial crisis and then the conflict involving the Crimea and Ukraine – major highs and lows in only two-and-a-half decades. What’s more, a decline in industrial production, high unemployment and crime rates, and a non-functioning agricultural supply didn’t exactly make doing business there easy. In spite of all that, the countries of the CIS represent an ever-increasing potential as interesting economic partners for the West in future. Thanks to the Eurasian Economic Union a new, single, uniform market is emerging with 185 million people. Condor offers transport services in all countries of the CIS including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Belarus. In order to provide perfect solutions for even the most complex transports, our company maintains offices in Moscow and Kazan with local teams on site.

Central and Eastern Europe

The demands of a transport company can change so rapidly in certain markets that optimum information about the developments in such regions is vital to help it stay competitive. At Condor our representatives cover all the languages spoken in Eastern Europe, so we can respond to changing circumstances quickly and easily. Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, et al. are still considered very promising markets. The sensitive phase of their reconstruction has been overcome, so they can expect strong economic growth in the near future. Condor offers customized logistics solutions, so everyone can benefit from this boon.


Condor has been active in the Balkans since the company was founded in 1976 – long before the Balkan powder keg exploded. With all the regional languages represented, we guarantee safe and reliable transport within the Balkans. Even where risks in certain crisis-stricken areas in the region continue to be present, with Condor there is no need to worry about the safety of your cargo transports. Condor offers transports to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Western Europe

Despite the open borders, transport companies working in Western Europe are presented with ever more complex demands. Nowadays, even though the circumstances are different, Western Europe can pose as great a challenge as Eastern Europe: The pressure of competition is huge, and only those who have more to offer in every respect can succeed. Punctuality, flexibility and reliability are fundamental in the transport sector, but they’re just the nuts and bolts. At Condor, we offer a wide range of extras throughout Western Europe. What’s more, all languages are represented, which makes order processing in Western Europe considerably quicker and easier.

Middle East

The Middle East is the birthplace of many civilizations and religions. It’s where our alphabet, mathematics, Christianity, Islam and the beginnings of our understanding of politics trace their origin. In addition, the Middle East presents enormous economic potential. After all, trade is deeply rooted in the mentality of people living on and around the Arabian Peninsula. Being familiar with this mentality, local customs and languages is what has made Condor an interesting and fully accepted economic partner here for years. Although the region has been a hotbed for crisis, even here we can guarantee the safety of your order. Condor offers shipments throughout the entire Middle East with a focus on Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

North Africa

Condor is a specialist in North African transports from all over Europe. Thanks to our branches in France, we have competent, experienced connections to North Africa. Our focus lies with the countries Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

From Kazan via Nantes to Zurich:
The more complex the transport,
the more it calls for Condor.


Our know-how for a secure delivery

The SQAS Program covers the following areas:

  • Management
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations
  • Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Equipment
  • Preventative Safety Codes
  • Transport Safety
  • Operating Instructions
  • Order Processing and Dispatching
  • Special Transport Services
  • Production Facilities/Inspections



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