Exporting the factory to Russia is complete, but the subsequent delivery of individual parts causes problems

When the import of an entire factory is officially completed, but then it turns out that extra parts need to be delivered afterward due to various circumstances, usually means that there are special challenges with customs ahead


With highly complex projects such as the construction of an entire factory using parts delivered from all over the world, it’s guaranteed that an urgently needed component will be missing in the end, making it impossible to complete assembly. Naturally, even if hundreds of cargo loads have been successfully shipped to the site, you can expect a small part to suddenly be missing or possibly even broken during assembly. And even if 1000s of meters of cable have been imported for the factory’s wiring, in the end it turns out that 100 meters of cable are still missing for completion after all.

So how do those last, urgently needed parts get to Russia? Usually, the Russian buyer will not be able to help; after all, he has already officially imported the component and paid the import duty for it. As a rule, shortfalls in supply and delivery are the responsibility of the European seller.

Simply shipping something with a courier or parcel service almost always ends without success at Russian customs. Between the goods that need to be urgently redelivered and the construction site, lies an almost insurmountable mound of certifications, clearances and approvals.

Condor’s DDP service offers a solution tailor-made for the fast and efficient completion of precisely such difficult deliveries under time pressure.

Condor is registered as a Eurasian Economic Operator with Russian customs and can therefore import the missing parts as your contractual partner within the scope of the DDP service and bring them to the assembly site. Our local staff will take care of the entire import process of customs clearance and certification for the delivery.

With the help of our DDP service, supplies and assembly materials can also be delivered if required.

What’s more, by request we offer professional buying services locally for parts available in Russia, and take care of the entire process from obtaining quotations to delivery, with invoicing of the service inside or outside Russia.

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