“Condor’s teams were requested at the last minute during the summer vacation and managed to deliver the training equipment to all 20 national teams on time. We are proud of our contribution to this exciting event and look forward to further challenges in the world of logistics. ”

Stéphane ROBINEAU, Condor Nantes, France

Logistics masterpiece for the 2023 Rugby World Cup

The 2023 Rugby World Cup brought spectacular moments on the pitch – and logistical challenges for the Condor team

As logistics specialists for complex tasks, Condor’s experts were responsible for the timely delivery of equipment and training materials for all 20 participating national teams! A difficult undertaking for many reasons: equipment suppliers were at times engaged at the last minute, deliveries had to be dispatched to 40 geographically dispersed locations at varying times, regional storage capacities were limited, and there were constraints at the destination sports venues, such as opening hours, a lack of loading ramps, and the like – all this occurring during the peak holiday season. Nevertheless, the dedicated Condor team achieved the seemingly impossible, ensuring the punctual delivery of equipment to all the teams.

  1. The task
    Express deliveries throughout France for all 20 participating national teams in the run-up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup.
  2. The challenge
    Organizing 40 individual partial deliveries at short notice under diverse circumstances and varying requirements.
  3. Our solution
    Deployment of an extra team, maintaining direct and continuous communication with local partners and on-site contacts to ensure precise coordination.

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