World Exposition 2020 in Dubai, UAE is forthcoming

The next World Expo, an event held once every 5 years, will run between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022 in Dubai under the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” World Expos have explicitly been organized around themes that celebrate culture and innovation, taking into account human and social aspirations by highlighting areas of scientific, technological, economic and social progress.

The 173-day EXPO 2020 Dubai expects to welcome 25 million visitors and more than 200 international participants from 190 countries. The United Arab Emirates are taking the important steps to ensure that their own transportation systems function accordingly and serve as a model of what is possible in the new digital era. The city at present has an excellent transportation infrastructure and is making the necessary investments to keep up with population growth. Already planned mobility services will be a central element of the event, showing both visitors and residents the best transportation ideas and infrastructure currently in use in the world. The event has already stimulated business opportunities for many sectors, with logistics being one of the prime gainers.

At Condor we deliver flexible solutions of dedicated logistics to worldwide customers, encompassing forwarding, warehousing, customs and distribution services. We offer end-to-end logistic solutions with our extensive networks, which allow for on-site management and guaranteed on-time handover.

Business Units  Main Sectors
Sea freight Food  & Consumables
Air freight Chemical & Industrial
Project/Exhibition cargo Construction
Land freight General Cargo

Condor has always specialized in sensitive target markets and draws on extensive experience in export controls and compliance systems, with local people on site.

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  1. Deutscher Pavillon EXPO 2020 Dubai.
    © facts and fiction | NÜSSLI Adunic | LAVA

  2. Der Österreich-Pavillon „in dialogue with austria“
    EXPO-Büro der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

    © ExpoAustria/querkraft

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