»The import and export of high technology is no simple task partly because of arms regulations.«


How we helped Audi battle the Russian cold.

As a specialist for logistics in the region of Eastern Europe, we handled the transport of measuring devices from Germany to Russia.

Russia is known to get cold, very cold in fact. In the everyday traffic jams of Moscow, the cold proved to be a little too much for the famously efficient engines of Audi. The result: legroom heating never really got warm, bitterly chilling many a passenger on Moscow roadways. Automotive engineers ultimately tracked down the problem through the use of high-precision measuring instruments from Germany. And bringing these to Russia was the job of Condor. But, the import and export of high technology is no simple task, partly because of armament regulations. Condor did not only ensure the trouble-free import of equipment to Russia, but also accompanied the installation on site. The technical problem was finally resolved and the sensitive devices were safely brought back to Germany.

  1. The Mission
    The import and return of sensitive equipment used to measure the air temperature and other parameters of heating systems in Audi vehicles.
  2. The Challenge
    For customs clearance of the equipment, an immense amount of documentation was necessary. The import called into play our entire know-how regarding Russian customs.
  3. Our Solution
    Comprehensive planning regarding customs formalities for import as well as return delivery. Personal monitoring through to the handover of the equipment to the Audi engineers in Moscow.

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