»Ensuring a hassle-free transport of special equipment to Russia can almost be considered craftsmanship.«

Andreas Gfrerer, CEO Condor Salzburg, Austria

With Red Bull Extreme Sailing to Success.

Preparing all the necessary documentation for customs allowed the equipment for double-Olympic champions Hans Peter Steinacher and Roman Hagara to be transported to St. Petersburg safely and quickly.

Hans Peter Steinacher wanted to be sure that his boat, equipment (motor boats, buoys, etc.) and event tent would arrive intact in Russia. We came to the job on the recommendation of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce. Together with Mr. Steinacher, we photographed, documented, classified, tariffed and translated the descriptions of all the goods in three containers. In addition, three “Russia ready” ATAs were chalked up. The transport itself was not handled by Condor; we were responsible for document preparation and handling. The transport was provided by the official Red Bull event shipper. Through our knowledge of the import conditions and precise preparation of all documentation, all transit was easily made past all customs borders.

  1. The Mission
    Prepare all documents required for the transport of sailing equipment from Austria to Russia to ensure a smooth transit and Import.
  2. The Challenge
    To prepare documents for special sailing equipment of the Red Bull Extreme Sailing Team so the transport and import would proceed without incident or delay.
  3. Our Solution
    Through our local contacts, we knew what we had to pay to import special equipment. First and foremost, we translated the documents to avoid misunderstandings and accelerate the transit of goods.

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