Trailer types

  1. Tilt-trailer

    Dimensions: 13,60×2,48×2,67m
    Volume:  90 m³
    Max Weight  24.500 kg
    Palettes:  33
  2. Tautliner (Curtainsider)

    Dimensions: 13,60 x 2,50 x 2,65 m
    Volume:  90 m³
    Max Weight  24.500 kg
    Palettes:  33
  3. Mega-trailer

    Dimensions: 13,60  x 2,47 x 3,0 m
    Volume:  100 m³
    Max Weight  24.000 kg
    Palettes:  33
  4. Box-Trailer (Hardsided Trailer)

    Dimensions: 13,50 x 2,46 x 2,71 m
    Volume:  90 m³
    Max Weight  23.000 kg
    Palettes:  33
  5. Reefer (temperature control Trailer)

    Dimensions: 13,41 x 2,49 x 2,70 m
    Volume:  90 m³
    Max Weight  21.000 kg
    Palettes:  33
  6. Jumbo (Swapbody-combi) – Curtainsided

    Dimensions: 2 x 8,0 x 2,48 x 2,95 m
    Volume: 120 m³
    Max Weight  21.000kg
    Palettes:  38
  7. Single truck unit – Small truck curtain sided

    Dimensions: 8,0 x 2,50 x 2,95 m
    Volume:  45 m³
    Max Weight  3500 – 12.000 kg
    Palettes:  18
  8. Van, Sprinter

    Dimensions: 2,98 x 1,68 x 1,8 m
    Volume:  9 m³
    Max Weight  1.900 kg
    Palettes:  4
  9. Gooseneck truck

    Dimensions: 13,6 x 2,48 x 3,00/2,67 m
    Volume: 98 m³
    Max Weight 24.000 kg
    Palettes: 33
  10. Avia

    Dimensions: 6,49 x 2,48 x 2,60 m
    Volume: 42m³
    Max Weight bis 5.500 kg
    Palettes: 16

Dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer. The Maximum weight can be limited by national regulations.

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